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WISE TRUST is a 100% privately owned company well registered in the Sultanate of Oman. We specialize in supplying, distributing different types of products, commodities through a professional team. We are continuously expanding our product line to be one contact for all requirements in different industries in or out of Oman. WISE TRUST is a  multi-disciplinary company that has based certain axes in its strategic approaches, including completing the value chain in the trading scope. The structure of this company is designed to play an effective and decisive role in the wholesale and the regulation of effective trade relations in the wholesale sector in and through Oman with the global markets.

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The dynamism and growth of any business is based on a development-oriented perspective that can ensure the future growth of that business by implementing a coherent plan. Business development requires study, predictability and effective communication in a certain range of target markets, both in supply and sales. We help you grow your business in a sustainable process.


To sell a variety of goods and services, the performance of a platform that can be effective in supply and sales is a basic necessity. Gaining market share and strengthen the supply to empower the production chain of goods and services, distinguishes a top sales agent from others. We believe that as a leading agent for the sale of a variety of goods and services, we can create maximum value.


In the supply chain, each country produces goods with its own domestic capacities, in which the final product to be delivered to the final customer, due to the target market conditions or the advantage that may be in a third country to complete production. Finishing is transferred from the country of origin to a third country, which may be an export destination, and more added value is generated through it. We finish semi-finished products in Oman, whether for sale in Oman or for re-export outside Oman.

High level of competence

To be competitive, one must reach a level of competence that narrows the circle of competition and becomes a guarantee for maximizing corporate interests.

A collection of experiences in our team have been put together to maximize the probability coefficient in achieving the goals that are set.

International Marketing & Sales
13 years
Financial Engineering & Analysis
13 years
Project Management
20 years
20 years

Together we can experience new opportunities to interact effectively with new markets with the least risk and the highest returns.

Creating and developing businesses with new approaches that can keep pace with the rapid change of technologies has become an important challenge in the new digital age. Whether in developed or in developing societies, reaching to a model that can turn this challenge into an opportunity to maximize corporate and business values is an important goal. We are no exception to this rule and believe that in the face of this challenge, relying on our team experience and capacity, we are a trusted partner for our parties.

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We give you an engineered view and expertise for effective routing in business development based on the knowledge and experience.



We give you an analytical and expert view with quantitative data mining and financial metrics to ensure some of the future forecasts in business development.

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Identification of privileged positions to facilitate and accelerate the development of business is possible by relying on the capacity of experienced and efficient HR.


Stable & predictable results

Stability and predictability of results are obtained through quantitative studies and analyzes.


100% Satisfaction guarantee

Satisfaction may not be quantifiable, but guaranteeing your maximum satisfaction is an important principle for us.


20+ Years in consulting business

An average of 25 years of experience in Business, Market, Product Development and constructive interaction with the manifestations of the new tech and high-tech has made us Wise Trust.




Identify your target market with all its dimensions and go ahead with the plan to get a share of it. Consult with experts and make decisions based on objective evidence and analytical studies of consultants.


A good purchase and supply requires accurate identification of the sources that lead to certain analytical results by mastering the studied and compared data to ensure your success in that purchase.


Investing especially in the field of business in two modes of direct investment or joint venture with a team of business and financial and investment consultants that should be accompanied by a feasibility study with the results of quantitative analysis, will be reached to a feasible decision.

Principles of our work

Having discipline and perseverance in effective pursuits at every level is one of our important principles in achieving goals.


Trading House

We will meet your commercial needs for the production and supply of raw materials or sales of your products and services in regional and trans-regional markets, and we will increase your overseas capacity in global markets, both in purchasing and selling thru a commercial pack services in Wise Trade House. 


Financial Studies

Financial studies related to the business development program in a range of corporate needs, including commerce (buying & selling), product development, investment (direct or joint venture) and general or specified financial analysis for the strategic decisions will be provided by a very well experienced team.


Finishing Products

In optimal value chain management and in the way of increasing productivity, as much as it can create more added value, some products can go through part of their completion to the final product in a third country, and we can facilitate to utilize the capacities to make this possible.




It is a sensitive and strategic decision for companies, production units and various industries to have an overseas presence in the region or beyond by selecting and appointing an agent who can represent the position for products or services in the target markets, and this decision can be made at the lowest cost financially and in terms of the risk factors and have the highest return. We consider ourselves a reliable partner to represent your products and services.


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